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Dear Readers,
Bigger, stronger, faster, MORE… we humans have always been drawn to extremes. The out-of-the-ordinary, freakish, and outlandish have fascinated from the beginning of time, and today is no exception. In the Book of Extreme Facts 2012, we present the most compelling of these in a fun, fast-paced format that we know you will enjoy. Each chapter of this book presents a collection of facts and records that will make your brain burst in disbelief. UNBREAKABLE boxes indicate records that have stood the test of time, or are so far and above the norm as to appear almost unbeatable. Similarly, the WHO'S GOT NEXT? boxes identify records that are ripe for the picking. NEWS YOU CAN USE boxes highlight helpful hints, or things you can try yourself. While this inaugural edition of the Book of Extreme Facts is rich with amazing information, our hope is that future volumes will feature even more amazing records set by our readers… that means YOU! Get crazy, get creative, get involved, and be a world record holder. You set the standard, and we will tell the world. Refer to the final page of each chapter to find out how to submit records that just may get you into these pages next year. In the meantime, enjoy the book… and always remember to KEEP IT EXTREME!
Kris Oprisko
Book of Extreme Facts